Rejuvenate Your Appearance With Botox and Fillers
January 03, 2018
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No one likes to look older, especially if they are active and have a positive outlook on life. Fine lines, forehead wrinkling, and crow's feet botox, fliiersaround the eyes show the world your age, but why let people label your personality because of some wrinkles or facial sagging? Dr. Joseph Eastern at The Belleville Dermatology Center offers easy and effective ways to refresh your facial appearance: BOTOX Cosmetic and dermal fillers. If you qualify, you can keep your youthful look and feel great, too.

What is BOTOX Cosmetic?

BOTOX Cosmetic is an FDA-approved (in 2002) treatment which limits the movement of facial muscles, which, over time, can create dynamic wrinkles--deep lines in the forehead, around the eyes and at the corners of the mouth. Injected with a super fine needle just below the skin, this amazing medication produces visible effects right away and full effects in a week to 10 days.

Injections last three to six months and require no downtime post-treatment. Patients may experience a mild stinging sensation and see some minor redness, but these resolve quickly. Mostly, BOTOX patients praise the noticeable improvement in their appearance and continue to receive treatments as recommended by Dr. Eastern.

What are dermal fillers?

The American Academy of Plastic Surgeons says that injected dermal fillers fill out hollows in facial contours. They increase the volume of thin lips and give the face a softer, rounder, and more youthful appearance.

Sometimes applied in a series of injections, dermal fillers are comfortable, lasting and effective. They may be combined with more complex facial rejuvenation and reconstruction. Dermatologists also use dermal fillers to fill out recessed scars and facial deformities.

Do you qualify for Belleville BOTOX and dermal fillers?

If you are a healthy individual with realistic cosmetic goals, you likely qualify. Before receiving these treatments, Dr. Eastern will examine your skin, take a medical history, including a list of your current medications, chronic health conditions, surgeries and allergies. Also, he'll discuss how you would like your appearance to change and how he sees those expectations being met. Thankfully, you can trust Dr. Eastern's kind manner and his extensive knowledge and experience.

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