Tired of Wrinkles? We Can Help
February 24, 2020
Category: Skin Conditions
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Ready for a younger-looking you? Find out how Botox and fillers could help.

Turning back the hands of time is something we would all like to do. While Dr. Joseph Eastern, your dermatologist here at Belleville Dermatology Center, may not have the key to staying young forever, he and his team do offer some amazing cosmetic treatments such as Botox and dermal fillers, that can refresh and rejuvenate your appearance and target those early signs of aging.

What is Botox?

Botox is a medical-grade neurotoxin that is injected into the muscles of the face to temporarily stop muscle contractions, which in turn smooths away dynamic lines and wrinkles. Any lines or wrinkles that form when you smile are ones that can be treated with Botox. This includes:

  • Crow’s feet (lines around the eyes)
  • Marionette or laugh lines (lines around the mouth and nose)
  • Forehead wrinkles
  • Wrinkles and lines between the eyebrows

What are Dermal Fillers?

Fillers are cosmetic injectables that contain a special substance, typically hyaluronic acid, that helps to plump up and volumize the skin while also improving skin’s texture and tone. Fillers are a simple anti-aging treatment that can smooth away lines, wrinkles, and creases while volumizing areas (e.g. cheeks) that have lost their density due to aging. Some dermal fillers can even plump up and enhance the lips.

Can Botox and Fillers Be Used Together?

Our Belleville, NJ, cosmetic dermatologists offer both Botox and dermal fillers because they work differently to offer incredible but unique results. Someone who has deep-rooted crow’s feet may benefit more from Botox while someone who has sunken cheeks may find that dermal fillers work better for the results they are looking for.

Of course, Botox and dermal fillers may also be used in conjunction with one another to both smooth away lines and wrinkles while also enhancing skin’s volume.

Interested? Give Us a Call

If you are living in Belleville, NJ, and you have been looking for a way to improve your appearance, then Botox and fillers could be the treatment you’ve been looking for. Call The Belleville Dermatology Center today at (973) 751-1200 to schedule an evaluation with our dermatologist, Dr. Eastern.