Good News from Belleville Dermatology about Your Skin Care


We are happy to announce that we have added remote appointments, via our NEW online teledermatology system, to our list of services.  Now, if you wish, you can consult with Dr. Eastern from the comfort and safety of your home!

As a result of recent changes in government regulations, we are able to accept most insurance coverage for these online appointments, just like your regular appointments.  As with in-person visits, co-payments may be necessary, depending on the provisions of your insurance plan.

Of course, some dermatologic services – such as biopsies, lab tests, lesion removals, and various skin treatments – are impossible to perform remotely; so you may have to come to the office anyway, at least some of the time.  And if you simply prefer traditional in-person visits, we will be happy to continue seeing you in person.

For the past 39 years, the singular focus of Belleville Dermatology has been to provide the highest quality medical care to our patients. Delivering this care is a team commitment by every member of the Belleville Dermatology family.  Our new telemedicine system is the latest extension of that commitment, and we are happy to be available to provide it for you. 

Thank you for trusting us with your care.

Please call 973-751-1200, or email us through, to schedule an online visit or an in-person appointment, or to convert an upcoming in-person visit to an online visit.


Setting up ZOOM for your initial Telemedicine video-based appointment


Zoom is a health information (HIPAA) compliant video conferencing system that allows you to have a video conference-based visit with Dr. Eastern.  You must have a computer, tablet, or smart phone with a front facing camera to participate in the telehealth visit. There are a few steps you must take to help you prepare for your initial appointment.   

  1. You will receive an invitation to participate in your telehealth appointment via an e-mail message.  It will contain instructions and two links.
  2. One link will connect you to our electronic informed consent, which you will need to review before your visit.
  3. Follow the other link to get to the Zoom Website. 
  4. You will be prompted to download the Zoom software from the Apple App Store or Google Play to use on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. This software is free, and you do not need to create your own account. 
  5. Once you have downloaded the software, a box will prompt you to enter your name. Please enter your preferred first and last name. 
  6. The next prompt will ask you how you’d like the audio (sound source) for the meeting to be connected. It is usually best to use the microphone and speaker built into your computer, tablet, or smart phone. 
  1. Use the tool bar at the bottom of your screen to be sure that your microphone and your speakers are not muted (so that you and the doctor can speak to each other), and that your video stream is “started” (so that you can see each other).  You may have to hover your mouse over the screen on your computer or tap the screen on your phone to get this tool bar to appear. 
  2. You should have an alternate contact number at which we can reach you, in case you have trouble getting started, or if you get disconnected during the appointment. 
  3. This set-up does not have to be done again for subsequent visits.