Psoriasis Biologics

What is Psoriasis Biologics?

Because skin is the largest organ of the body and is constantly exposed to the world, skin disorders are a pressing concern for many patients. One skin conditions that make patients feel embarrassed and insecure is called psoriasis. It is a fairly common skin problem that Psoriasis Biologic in Belleville, NJ is best monitored and treated by a dermatologist.

About Psoriasis
Psoriasis is a skin problem that often starts in childhood, but in some cases the first symptoms show up when a patient is in his or her thirties. The skin cells multiply at unusual rates in certain places, causing red sores (also called plaques) to form. The symptoms commonly show up on the arms, elbows, knees, and scalp. Environmental factors are sometimes the trigger for psoriasis flare ups, and many experts believe it is an inherited condition. It is caused by a faulty immune system response. Though it is not a contagious disease, many people feel insecure about how the world will treat them when they see psoriasis sores on the skin.

Psoriasis Symptoms
There are a few things that distinguish psoriasis from other skin disorders. Here are a few symptoms of this unpredictable condition:

- Red or pink raised bumps on the skin.
- Scaly skin patches that may flake and peel (similar to dandruff).
- Itchiness in the affected areas.
- Nail beds separating from the skin.
- Pus may form on the sores.

Biologics Treatment for Psoriasis
The specialists at The Belleville Dermatology Center in Belleville, NJ can address some cases of psoriasis with a treatment called biologics. It is a specialized type of drug made from proteins that target the immune system, reducing flare-ups. There are a number of biologic drugs available that your dermatologist can prescribe—the choice will depend on the type of psoriasis you’ve been diagnosed with and other factors.

Call for Help with Psoriasis
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